Cutting the Ribbon The official opening of the Community Woodland Park took place on Saturday 27th August 2007. The ceremonial ribbon was cut by Mr Roy Madden of Angus Environmental Trust.
Reception in Village Hall Prior to the opening, a short reception was held in the village hall for invited guests - all of whom had helped in some way in the creation of the Park.
The Colyton Rowan

The Colyton Rowan / Oak

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony a symbolic tree planting was carried out by Tom Hopkinson. Tom is the son of Lord Colyton and thanks were expressed for all their assistance and in particular for leasing the land to the community. The rowan tree, which was to be known as the Colyton Rowan, was very generously donated by our well known plant specialist Ian Christie. Sadly, due to the wet, heavy soil the Rowan has since died. Undaunted, it has already been replaced by an Oak tree on a mound with a drainage ditch. The Oak is more suited to this type of site and once established should grow away satisfactorily.

Woodland Picnic

Treasure Trails

The younger members of the community (and a few Mums and Dads) were kept occupied by a Teddy Trail and Wild Things treasure trail. These activities were enjoyed by all and helped to add a magical content to the day for all the younger members.

Village BBQ

Afterwards, at the Village Hall, a barbeque was enjoyed by all!