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Community Woodland

A huge thank you to Alastair Miller who felled a number of leaning trees, partially uprooted during recent storms.

This has improved access to our popular woodland paths and created new habitat for local wildlife to enjoy.

September Coffee Morning

The recent coffee morning raised a wonderful amount of over £450 for a variety of local projects as well as successfully recruiting new Friends of the Hall, Villager Maintenance Volunteers and establishing a new Westmuir Litter Pick Group.

Congratulations and a huge thank you to all who were involved.

Become a Westmuir Volunteer ~ Click Here to find out How.

WRI Sponsored Walk


Following their annual sponsored walk, Westmuir WRI presented a cheque for £1031 to MacMillan Cancer Support. A great effort for a great organisation ~Well done !

Woodland Work


Some of the Westmuir Volunteers who helped tidy up the Community Woodland. Thanks to all who participated. There is likely to be another session during September, so keep your eyes peeled for another oppoprtunity to get involved.

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Scottish Water Information Event
Due to planned upgrades to our mains water supply, the village will soon be subject to considerable disruption over an extended period of time. Scottish Water are holding an information event so that we can see what will be involved and ask questions. The postcard below should have been delivered to all households, but is reproduced here to confirm the details for you.

More Family Connections via Westmuir Website

Westmuir recently played host to Australian visitor Maxine Darnell and her daughter Rachel, who made a family connection by reading one of of our historical website articles. We had first of all heard from Jan Scott, also Australia, in July last year. Jan was researching her family history and got in touch with us via this website. Jan is Eila Webster's 2nd cousin once removed and Maxine is Jan’s niece.

Maxine and Rachel spent a wonderful hour chatting with Eila and looking through her marvellous collection of old family photographs. Pictured with Maxine, Rachel and Eila is Helen Humphreys who welcomed and hosted the visitors and arranged the introductions.

"Our Changing Seasons"

Eila Webster, now 95 years young and still writing poetry, in her latest verses reflects on the lack of snow so far this winter as we see the first new growth starting in the garden. But wait, a lifetime's experience warns us that there is still time for February to bring us ice and shivers before Spring gains the upper hand.

Click here to read "Our Changing Seasons".

All of Eila's poems, now going back more than 5 years, can be found on her own page by clicking on the picture below.


Grand Prize Draw Winners 2019

The 2019 Grand Prize Draw Winners were plucked from Santa's Sack on 19 December at the Village Hall when we enjoyed a glass of mulled wine and a choice of delicious mince pies in good company together. The prize winners were:

1st - Large Hamper: Findlay Doig, Kirriemuir
2nd - Medium Hamper: Fiona Robertson, Eassie
3rd - Small Hamper: Mark Bennet, Westmuir
4th - Christmas Cake: Angus Shaw, Kirriemuir

Congratulations to the lucky winners and thanks to everyone for their generosity in donating such wonderful prizes. Thanks also to everyone who supported this annual festive fund-raiser by buying tickets. Perhaps it will be your turn to win next year !

Woodland Tree Works Completed

Grateful thanks from Westmuir Community Development Trust for a difficult job well done by the guys from Gowanbank Tree Services, Forfar: Halim, Duncan and Steven. They removed two groups of severely leaning trees which threatened the footpath junction at the West end of our Woodland Park.

We shall shortly be looking for volunteers to arrange the felled timber into habitat piles for the benefit of bugs and beasties of the Park. The stumps, being willow, will no doubt produce new growth in the future but we now have the opportunity to plant new trees to fill in the huge gap.

It should be noted that it is the policy of the Trust that all felled or fallen timber and brash should remain in the Park and that no one has the right or permission to remove the wood for their own purpose.

Forfar Instrumental Brass Band

Only 2 days ahead of Remembrance Day, the Forfar Instrumental Brass Band came to Westmuir.
The players delighted the full capacity audience with their medley of music ranging from Lee Marvin's 'Wandering Star' to Beatles' Songs and on to stirring Remembrance Music. This included a solo trumpet rendition of the 'Last Post' accompanied by the band softly playing Amazing Grace.

Definitely a hard to beat event .... and not forgetting the evocative young drummer boy. A great night with a packed hall and cheese and wine interval for all. Village life at it's best!


Village Flower Tubs
We are delighted to see the installation of two new Flower Tubs in Westmuir. The recent Coffee Morning held on 14 September 2019 raised over £450 which has been allocated between the Renovation of the Hall Kitchen, the Provision of Additional Equipment for the Westmuir Litter Pick Team and the purchase of the New Tubs which will brighten up both the entrances to Westmuir. Angus Council kindly provided and delivered the compost and a small team of volunteers worked hard to locate and fill the tubs which are already planted with Pansies. These are winter hardy and will provide an early show of colour to welcome locals and visitors alike. As well as contributing to the project, Angus Council has removed the bench from the corner of the village car-park and this will be refurbished free of charge before being re-installed. Thanks to Helen, Jim and Mr Mitchell of A.C.

New Rural Area Litter-Pick Group
The Westmuir Litter-Pick Team got together for the first time at the weekend and cleared one of the ‘Paths for All’ routes leading to Kirriemuir. Pictured with Derek Smith, Westmuir Volunteer are Mark Bennett of the Rotary sponsored ‘Keep Kirriemuir Clean’ group and Dave Campbell of the Kirriemuir Regeneration Group. New volunteers are always welcome.

The village of Westmuir enjoys having three circular footpath routes to Kirriemuir and has additional areas such as the Westmuir Community Woodland and the Village Car Park to keep clear of general litter. A member of the Westmuir team said that once again the guidance and support received from the Angus Council Communities Team had been greatly appreciated.

Canadian Visitors Receive Warm Westmuir Welcome

Following a planned visit to Westmuir from Elaine and Walter Butler from Alberta, Canada, we received the following letter sent to us on their return home. We thought we'd share how welcome they felt whilst in our village.


'My husband Walt and I recently came to Westmuir to visit the house my Mother lived in before she emigrated to Canada in 1920.  Our original plan was to look at the house, drive around the town a bit, admire the surrounding countryside, and then go about our business.  But we had been put in touch with Helen Humphreys and that meant that from the moment we arrived in the village, we were welcomed with open arms. Helen and Brian took us to see my Mom’s house, introduced us to the neighbours, and then invited us into their home.  Helen had visited the archives to see what she could find out about the history of the house and also to see what she could learn about my ancestors.  They invited us to the coffee morning on Saturday morning, and again we met many friendly, welcoming folks.  Helen even arranged a mention in The Courier about our visit. We were both so impressed by the friendly, pleasant atmosphere of the village.

Since we’ve been home, we’ve been asked a number of times “What was the highlight of your trip?”.  The answer always is “The time we spent in Westmuir.”  But the highlight of the highlight, so to speak, was meeting and getting to know Helen and Brian.  It was a great pleasure and we will always be grateful for their wonderful welcome. 

Elaine Butler'

AED Westmuir's Defibrillator is Live AED

Our new defibrillator is now up and running and can be found within the newly restored telephone box outside the village shop. The launch event took place on Friday July 26th and our local community and friends turned out in force to see Westmuir's own Ian Christie, internationally renowned rock garden and alpine specialist, cut the golden ribbon to mark this important addition to the village. Also taking part were Mhairi Anderson, Chair of Westmuir's Tot's Time and Johanna Watson, Vice President of Westmuir's WRI.

The comissioning ceremony was immediately followed by an excellent CPR and Defibrillator Awareness Session attended by about 25 people which was given by Ian Dargie of Training 4 Life Scotland. This has been a superb effort all round by the local community which may one day save a life. Well done Westmuir !

Two Celebration Events ~ Saturday 16 March 2019

Following the Coffee Morning forenoon, we enjoyed a super evening to round off the 90th Anniversary year of the opening of the village hall in October 1928. Jeremy Morris took us on his journey through the Munros and Isdale Anderson described his long distance trek of the GR20 in Corsica which runs the length of the Mediterranean Island.

Afterwards Tom Hopkinson, son of Lord Colyton and his wife Gemma cut a celebratory cake to accompany a glass of Bellini. Pictured with Tom and Gemma below is our own Helen Humphreys who planned, arranged and led all the activities for this special day. A fantastic job by Helen with lots of help from volunteers and a fitting tribute to 90 years of community, centred on the Westmuir Village Hall.

Behind the Scenes @ Coffee
Robbie & Rita
Lord Colyton and Family
Jeremy Morris - His Journey through the Munros.

Cutting the Cake - Tom Hopkinson and his wife Gemma did the honours.

Isdale Anderson - Trekking the GR20 in Corsica.

There is a full account of the day's activities here.

November 2019 - Local Community Policing Area Report

Now that Westmuir has a full representative on Kirriemuir Landward West Community Council, we have access to the latest Local Area Police Reports which are submitted to their meetings as a way of keeping local communities aware of any current areas or issues of concern.

You can Read the November 2019 Report Here.

We already have a link at the bottom of our left column which will take you to KLWCC's own website where you can also read minutes of recent Community Council Meetings

80 Years a Member of WRI

The WRI in Westmuir came together to celebrate with local resident Eila Webster who has been an active member of WRI for the past 80 years ! Joined by friends for a special event to mark the occasion, Eila said "I have loved my time in the Rural. It has been my life and bolstered my confidence. I was an only child and these friends became my family. I've enjoyed every second of it and made so many happy memories". Eila was made an honorary member of Westmuir Rural in 1999 and received a loyal member's certificate in 2012. Congratulations Eila from everyone in Westmuir.

Community Woodland Path ~ Phase 2 Completed

Thanks once again to everyone who contributed to a busy day in the Woodland Park on Saturday 28th October when Phase 2 of the new all weather path was completed by spreading a top layer of whin dust to complete the project, made possible by funding received from 'Paths for All' and Scottish Natural Heritage.

This was a great community effort coordinated by the Westmuir Community Development Trust and thanks are due not only to Jim Millar and Ian Cobb who kept the project on track, but also to all our volunteers who loaded loaders, shovelled & brushed, raked & tidied up and willingly gave up so much time and effort to complete the work so efficiently.

The new path is already well bedded in and being well used.

Kirriemuir Landward West Community Council

Westmuir is one of seven rural communities which lie within the boundary of Kirriemuir Landward West community council.

Westmuir is currently being represented by Mrs Helen Humphreys (Westbank, Westmuir) Tele No: 01575 572245 who is able to take any local concerns to the Community Council on your behalf.

The Kirriemuir Landward West CC meet at 7.30pm in Kilry Village Hall on the last Thursday of February, May, August and November each year.

More information about the work of the Community Council as well as current topics under review, minutes from meetings and the latest crime reports can all be found on the KLWCC Website


Westmuir Community Development Trust ~ 2011-2017

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