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Defibrillator Drop-In Session

Westmuir now has a 'Defib. Group' who are looking into the possibility of providing a defibrillator within the village community and are holding a Drop-In Session on Wednesday 13 June 2018 any time between 6.30 pm till 8.30 pm.

  • There will be demonstrations in the use of a defibrillator

  • You can learn about the importance of having one in a rural community

  • Information will be available about how this may be funded

Why not put this important date in your diary now and drop in for a cup of tea or coffee with a wee biscuit and find out what it's all about?

'All Change on the Money Front'
Have you had a look at our new Poet's Page yet? Eila Webster's latest poem: 'All Change on the Money Front' recalls decimalisation in 1971 and gives her thoughts on the new fangled plastic notes we are seeing introduced nearly 50 years later !

South Africa by Land Rover by Hamish Howe

The Fundraiser for the Village Hall on Saturday 10 March proved to be one of those memorable evenings which steer off in a whole new direction of fun and learning . . . and succeeds. The Presentation given by Hamish Howe on a number of Tours by Land Rover across various countries in Southern Africa was beautifully done and enjoyed by all those in attendance on the night.

The enthusiasm of the audience created a lively atmosphere which was further enhanced by a fun quiz on a travel theme, with questions from Hamish’s travels across Africa as well as questions from a Tour around Westmuir!

The sum raised for the Hall Funds was £147.00 Sincere thanks to all who contributed raffle prizes.


Community Woodland Path ~ Phase 2 Completed

Thanks once again to everyone who contributed to a busy day in the Woodland Park on Saturday 28th October when Phase 2 of the new all weather path was completed by spreading a top layer of whin dust to complete the project, made possible by funding received from 'Paths for All' and Scottish Natural Heritage.

This was a great community effort coordinated by the Westmuir Community Development Trust and thanks are due not only to Jim Millar and Ian Cobb who kept the project on track, but also to all our volunteers who loaded loaders, shovelled & brushed, raked & tidied up and willingly gave up so much time and effort to complete the work so efficiently.

No doubt we will arrange an 'official' opening in due course, but there is no need to wait for that as the new path is now in place and ready for use.

Kirriemuir Landward West Community Council

Westmuir is one of seven rural communities which lie within the boundary of Kirriemuir Landward West community council.

Westmuir is currently being represented by Mrs Helen Humphreys (Westbank, Westmuir) Tele No: 01575 572245 who is able to take any local concerns to the Community Council on your behalf.

The Kirriemuir Landward West CC meet at 7.30pm in Kilry Village Hall on the last Thursday of February, May, August and November each year.

More information about the work of the Community Council as well as current topics under review, minutes from meetings and the latest crime reports can all be found on the KLWCC Website


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