Born in 1925, Eila Webster has spent her entire life living in Westmuir. Blessed with a fine memory, Eila was encouraged to write us a regular monthly poem which we featured on our website starting at Christmas in 2014. Since then Eila has kept on writing for us and we are now in our 5th year of capturing this wonderful collection of her poetry for all to enjoy !

As well as her poems listed below, you can also read about Eila the Pianist, the Poet, the Performer, the Published Writer and multiple Prize Winner as she recalls local people and memorable events decade by decade. Now 95 years young, this is a fascinating and poignant personal account of a lifetime in Westmuir and is not to be missed.

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December 2018
Christmas 2018
November 2018
I Greet the Dawn
October 2018
Farming Matters
September 2018
Appreciation and Contentment
August 2018
Summer Weather
July 2018
Summer Relaxation & Fun
June 2018
All Change on the Money Front
May 2018
May Blossom
April 2018
Life's Race
March 2018
March Winds
February 2018
February Thoughts
January 2018
The New Year
December 2017
November 2017
Truth or Lie ?
October 2017
The Promise
September 2017
Just for a Laugh
August 2017
Always Give of Your Best
July 2017
At the Health Centre
June 2017
Free Gifts
May 2017
The Precious Gift
April 2017
Memories of Long Ago
March 2017
February 2017
A Sad Dog
January 2017
Looking to the Future
December 2016
December Celebrations
November 2016
October 2016
October Flashsbacks
September 2016
Goodbye August . . . Hello September
August 2016
August Reflections
July 2016
Midsummer Days in July
June 2016
The Happy Month of June
May 2016
May Reflections
April 2016
Spring 2016
March 2016
March Reflections
February 2016
February Thoughts
January 2016
New Year 2016
Summer Extra 2015
The Weather
Christmas 2014
Meaningful Christmas