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The desire to have a safe play area for local children had been considered at various times for Westmuir village.   The resulting transformation of a veritable scrubland into an accessible, appealing and attractive village amenity clearly demonstrates what can be achieved by harnessing the views of a supportive community with the combined enthusiasm and perseverance of a hard working development group.

Click on the links to the Woodland Opening, the National Tree Planting Day and a Woodland Activity Day which demonstrate how popular the Community Woodland has become.

Before Thanks to the Westmuir Hall Association and the Westmuir Community Development Trust, great progress was made in a relatively short time. A Community Futures process was initiated in 2003 with the help of Angus Rural Partnership and STAR (Small Town and Rural Development Group). A Community Survey issued to all residents was an essential part of this process and high on the community plan wish list was “Somewhere safe for children to play” After the Project
Before British Trust Conservation Volunteers agreed to project manage the contract and carried out the work in the Winter of 2006/7. The Woodland, being a wetland area, did not provide the best conditions for BTCV but in due course the extensive board walks were put in place, the entrance fencing with gateways were built and the paths cleared and laid with quarry sand. Almost immediately residents seemed to engage with the area and it was clear that people all ages were enjoying spending time there. After the Project
Before The Westmuir Community Development Trust (WCDT) led the Woodland project from 2004 and within 3 years the major part of the physical work was completed with the essential and much appreciated funding provided by Angus Environmental Trust and Rural Challenge Fund. This has been a major project which not many villages would have accomplished. Westmuir can be proud of what has been achieved by the community! After the Project
Dry Stone Dykers
Entrance Panel
Westmuir Wallers!

Attractive curved walls have been built at each entrance all thanks to the efforts of the local members of the Dry Stone Walling Association. These have added great character to the village as well as the woodland itself.


Further improvements by WCDT included the provision of interpretation panels at each entrance and large ‘entrance’ notice. These give visitors an insight to what they can expect within the woodland and make an attractive addition.
Three well known villagers have gained valuable new skills during this project and we will now be able to carry out ongoing maintenance of the walling as a result. Why not become involved yourself? Get in touch via the Contact Page and offer your help.
National Tree Planting Day 2009 Woodland Opening Day Woodland Activity Day
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